Breathe :) You have found yourself in a loving home amidst the vast world of the internet. You are welcome here.  I send you love, light and gratitude. The journey continues now, how do you want to move forward on your path?  I would be happy to connect with you, to hear your story and learn more about YOU. You are amazing and capable of anything you put your mind to, let's discover this together.

I offer a free discovery session for any new client. I can connect with you in-person, via phone or through video conferencing. Please let me know your preference and we will schedule accordingly! I look forward to our connection. 

For a sneak peak of what it feels like to partner with me, please feel free to give this a try... stop what you are doing and create a gratitude list. What are your grateful for in your life? Write it down! I welcome you to share your findings at the beginning of our time together.

Please email alexa@aoksoulcoach.com or call 203-554-1324 to further explore together.

May you find many blessings on your path, 

Alexa Katherine O'Rourke


"There are many ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is."

―Albert Einstein