Questions? I have answers!


Where do our soul sessions take place?
I have partnered with many souls from near and far. We will work together to create the best plan for you and your life. If you do not live near CT/NY, not to worry, we can schedule sessions via video conferencing or phone. If you live around the CT/NYC area we can meet in-person. It all depends on where YOU feel the most comfortable. I would be happy to meet at your home, office, local coffee shop or even places like the beach! The possibilities are truly endless.

Who have you coached in the past?
I have coached both men and women of various age ranges, job titles, life experiences, challenges and points of gratitude. It seems as though society has defined the human race based on gender, job title, family roles and age. These "roles"  just touch the surface level of coaching. Once we explore deeper,  the "who" of the person is what truly shines through. The "who" refers to each human being at their core, not the stories that they have written about themselves. 

Okay, maybe you are at the point where you feel like age, job title and family role is important... in which case, you are still asking "who have you coached in the past"?
I have coached souls through spiritual awakening, healthy eating, exercise, relationship challenges, retirement plans, self-care, self limiting beliefs, entrepreneurs, life transitions, mindfulness, family issues, body image, fearful thoughts, self-limiting beliefs and so on.

What experience do you have coaching?
I have completed the Core Essentials Program through CoachU, an established coaching university. I am skilled in tuning into my client's word choice, tone, body language and non-verbal cues. Those observations are used for greater intention, to provide space to explore and ask powerful questions that evoke greater awareness within each soul that I partner with.

How many life coaching sessions will I need?
The answer to this question will depend upon the individual person and their life circumstances, passion for growth, commitment and strategy. All of these factors and more, will play a role to determine how long our valued partnership will last.  I will say I require a six month commitment, as it will give you plenty of time to reflect upon your life and make the changes to lead your best days ahead!

What is the difference between life coaching and therapy?
Life coaching with me is a unique and beautiful partnership, which focuses on the "who" of the client. We explore the "here and now" for purposes of greater awareness, so we can create a bright future. We are results driven. I am passionated about giving you tools and practices to use to heal and live out your days with joy! Therapy is incredibly powerful and helpful for some people. It is a practice that tends to focus on the past and helps those who may be experiencing depression. Through life coaching, the client does most of the speaking and the coach is there to gently guide the client through the session by asking powerful thought provoking questions.

Do I need to fill out anything before we begin our partnership?
Yes! After our consultation call, I will send you a "welcome packet" that will consist of initial policies and procedures, general information about you and AOK Soul Coach, open ended questions for you to explore and reflect upon before our first session and other lessons/tools that are relevant to your journey.

"Advice from a tree - 'Stand tall and proud. Go out on a limb. Remember your roots. Drink plenty of water. Be content with your natural beauty and enjoy the view'."

― Unknown