Together, we will create something beautiful


What is my passion and purpose?

  • I help souls get out of their own way.

  • I help souls break out of their shell.  

  • I help souls find the connection between their body, mind & soul. 

  • I help souls create loving relationships in their lives, starting with themselves. 

  • I help souls finally release their fear mindset!!

  • I help sous let go of self-sabotage and embrace their loving truth.  

  • I help souls let go of their minds and allow their heart to lead the way.

  • I help souls fall in love with themselves and watch their world transform.  

  • I help souls let go of limiting beliefs and connect with their divine goddess within.

  • I help souls tap into their true purpose and life’s mission.

  • I help souls get from their current reality to the life they dream of.

  • I help souls stand out – stand tall and proud so they can be themselves with confidence.

  • I help souls release their fearful and anxious mind, to allow for space, so they can explore and create their fairytale days ahead.

  • I help souls transition through life’s challenges and changes with ease, peace and knowledge that all is happening for their greatest growth.

What It's Like to Partner With Me

  • I am your guide, not your guru. You are always the guru :) After all, who knows you better than yourself?

  • I will provide an open and safe space for you to share freely.

  • I am trustworthy and will truly become connected with you.

  • I will acknowledge and celebrate your achievements, no matter how big or small.

  • I will help you to further explore and understand your beliefs, thoughts and choice of words.

  • I will hold you accountable.

  • I will help you become more aware of the "here and now", to inspire you to create and hold a vision for your future.

  • We will work together to discover practices, guides, lessons, readings and anything else that is best suited for your growth and journey!

Investing in yourself by hiring a spiritual life coach will benefit every aspect of your life. I will listen to you; your wants, your needs, your values, and who you are at your core. Come to practice with an open mind, be willing to explore, stay dedicated to your path and the possibilities are endless.

Who Can Benefit From Working With a Life Coach?

Moms, financial advisors, yogis, lawyers, dads, students, doctors, musicians, entrepreneurs, artists, daughters, architects, CEOs, coaches, sons, therapists, veterans, writers, police officers, photographers, husbands, store owners, wives, teachers, friends, dreamers, travelers, marketers, grandparents, accountants, athletes, parents...

I think you get the idea, everyone can benefit from this practice.

After all.... we are all souls. How we identify through job titles or family roles is just the beginning to a very in-depth story that we each carry.


Soul Coaching Collections

Soul Level
1:1 Partnership With Alexa

Group Soul
Group engagements such as family sessions, women's circles, forums, office groups | Generally consisting of 3-5 beautiful people

Special Soul Events
Large groups, special talks, events, seminars

Please call me directly at 203-554-1324 to learn more about the monetary investment and general schedule.

For a sneak peak of what it feels like to partner with me, please feel free to give this a try... stop what you are doing and create a gratitude list. What are your grateful for in your life? Write it down! I welcome you to share your findings at the beginning of our time together.

"There is a voice inside of you, That whispers all day long, "I feel this is right for me, I know that this is wrong." No teacher, preacher, parent, friend or wise man can decide what's right for you--just listen to The voice that speaks inside.” 

― Shel Silverstein