Love, Light, Truth

I really do feel like today’s session and conversation was reflective of my expanded state of mind and awareness of self and those around me. As a whole, I have felt that I have been more reserved, not sharing as much with others (have a tempered demeanor in general), and mindful towards my own actions and the actions of others- I find it especially interesting when I am attentive to others and discover how I can relate to them, as well as I am apart of them.
— R.F Florida
Alexa is an embodiment of the purest, brightest, most loving light. She radiates love and her energy has a magical way of reminding others of their divine worth. Alexa has given me the safe space, support and encouragement that I so desperately needed in order to realign with my highest self and begin going after my dreams. She truly is a soul coach and working with her has changed my life in so many positive ways. I am forever grateful that our paths have crossed and that I get to experience parts of this life in connection with such a lovely being.
— B.K - Oregon
I met Alexa in a yoga class, and she had me at ‘hello”. Her bright smile, caring eyes and genuine interest said it all. I knew my shadow, as well as my light, would be safely held in her space. Alexa’s presence and gentle inquiry allowed me to work through some difficult issues, as well as illuminate my greatest strengths. My energy and focus has shifted to a more meaningful direction - with Alexa’s guidance. I am heading toward my True North. With gratitude-
— D.V. - Connectiut
From your first interaction with her, you can see the dedication and heart she brings to coaching. She truly champions all that is possible for her clients to create a life they love. You’ll leave your sessions feeling completely supported, enthusiastic and ready to make the changes you’ve been dreaming of. With the drive, passion and authenticity she brings to her work, Alexa is an asset to her clients and the coaching industry.
— A.B - Idaho
Working with Alexa is quite powerful for me. She has a way of listening on a profound level which enables me to feel safe to communicate in a flowing manner. I feel that her energy is completely mindful and focused. Alexa exudes trust and love, I have been able to get in touch with some very difficult life issues. She is a total joy!
— G.G - Connecticut
Alexa is a very grounded, understanding & insightful coach who has been incredibly helpful in getting me to know myself better. She has challenged me to get more out of myself and my life. Her professional yet warm & intuitive style allowed me to connect with her very quickly on a deeper level. I can not express how glad I am at the opportunity to be able to work with her. I absolutely LOVE the new “me” and the direction my life is going now. Thank you sooo much Alexa!!!!
— B.P- Colorado
Prior to meeting Alexa, I had decided that I only wanted to be coached on health and fitness as it’s hard for me to open up sometimes. Alexa’s attentiveness, enthusiasm and empathy allowed me to discuss various topics with her; that I would not normally open up about. Our sessions felt more like conversations with a trustworthy, close friend. Alexa has the experience and all of the qualities that make her an an amazing life coach and I highly recommend her!
— C.G - New York
Alexa’s coaching has helped me come to my own decisions/discoveries about a wide variety of issues. I feel that she hangs on every word, as she asks me questions that create valuable awareness within myself and the various situations we have discussed. I have thoroughly enjoyed being coached in a judgement free zone, which she always sets.
— R.E - New York
Alexa’s enthusiasm for life and love is apparent in everything she does. She is a beautiful soul!
— J.A - Oregon
Alexa, so glad to see you take this journey. I know that with your authentic and well-grounded approach to genuinely wanting to be of service to others, this is surely your purpose & passion in life. You are an amazing coach & truly gifted in your skills and expertise that you’ve acquired so effortlessly. In the spirit of sharing your gifts and talents, I wish you all the best. :)
— K.D New York
Alexa, your sweetness and positive energy fills a room. Witnessing you become who you are meant to be on your yoga mat and in the world fills me with such overwhelming joy. I KNOW your sensitive loving kindness will permeate your coaching sessions. Go Soar!
— C.S - Connecticut
I know you would want to hear that I got cast in a show for the first time in a decade in November. Thanks for the love and encouragement.
— F.T Vermont

"I am grateful for who I am. I am grateful for the air I breathe, for the food I eat, for the place I lay my head at night. I am grateful for the lessons I have learned and for the process I am in. I am grateful for my willingness to change my mind and choose love over fear. My gratitude for myself fills me with joy and unleashes my miracle mind."

― Gabby Bernstein